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Kiki Suárez is an artist with an extensive work, the vast majority of her work, carried out over more than thirty years, is reflected in paintings and drawings. Self-taught, he has created a particular and very peculiar universe of beings, men, vegetation, women and animals that belong to his pictorial world, a world that is at the same time real, everyday and at the same time fantastic and surreal.

Full of color and rich in content, his work touches us and brings us from apparent simplicity to a world that we share and in which we feel easily identified and excited.

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At Kikimundo we design, produce and market decorative and functional objects, artistic reproductions and publications made from the work of Kiki Suárez. Through our products we are committed to creative development, collaboration and constant research into materials and processes to create didactic, artisanal, durable and environmentally friendly objects that sensitize and beautify the world.

We are established in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, a colonial city in the state of Chiapas in Mexico. The city, multicultural since its origin, is surrounded by diverse indigenous communities whose traditions continue in force and whose artistic and craft expressions represent one of the greatest cultural heritage in the world.

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This context full of color and rich in textures, elements very present in Kiki's work, and the richness and variety of materials, techniques and knowledge that are part of the identity of the region and that not only survive, but in many cases , are constantly transformed and renewed, inspires us and encourages us to develop collaborations with local artists and artisans and from other regions such as Oaxaca, for the creation of products designed from Kiki's work and made with mastery, quality and creativity. that creators and artisans of various trades and cultures imprint on the object. The objective of this production area is the creation of artistic and craft objects in limited series, making known, through the diffusion and commercialization of them, the talent of Mexican and Mexican artisans and creators.

In addition to our line of industrial and craft products, we offer printed reproductions of the artist's originals in different supports and qualities. We also have our own publishing label which currently offers a catalog of more than ten books and audio books illustrated and written mostly by Kiki.

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Entrevista a Kiki


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